Curious, in spite of not being long or new, this video introduces many topics of GIS. The video, made by ISTEC Science and Technology Information Center of Colorado State University, begins with children hunting a hidden treasure. using a modern, ergonomic GPS device. That might represent the advancement of such technology about to be operated by children in a game. Games aside, the video relates the functioning and development of satellites, GPS and GIS devices. GIS are already used by cartographers, public administrators, architects and geographers, for example, to improve the quality of life of people and animals. A professor at CSU tell us how exciting it is to work with and to be related to various economic sectors and different job opportunities: natural disaster prevention, people rescue, animal species extinguishment protection, climate change… How exciting it is to be able to zoom in and out images of the earth in different layers with different informations, and to be able to ask and solve questions related to location.

A GIS teacher says that those systems are used, for example, by transportation companies to monitor truckers driving through a country. An employee of ESRI, the biggest company of the GIS sector, tell us that her interest in exploring exists since childhood, when she had to operate GPS devices during family vacations. She says that this interest in exploring is common for GIS professionals. Beyond that, she likes GIS because it is a technology that is really making difference in the world. It is built from huge sets of information (Big Data), which are converted in maps to help solving problems. A Digital Globe engineer, that owns and operates three satellites, says that each photographed image ranges from 10 to 40 or more gigabytes and that daily are photographed thousands of images. Any company and any public administration sector can use GIS.

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