Check Forbes. Jack Dangermond is the UNRIVALED KING OF GIS TECHNOLOGY. Founded his company in 1969 with his wife with $1,100 in personal savings. Today, ESRI dominates the GIS industry, with over 40% of global market share and more than $1 billion in annual revenue. His 350,000 customers make 150 million new maps each day.


  • #63 Richest In Tech (2016)

  • #71 in 2015

  • #569 Billionaires (2016)

  • #214 in United States

  • The Richest Person In Americaโ€™s 50 Largest Cities (2016)

  • #234 Forbes 400 (2015)

Dangermond started the company with his wife, Laura, after studying landscape architecture at Harvard, and has since become known as a prolific philanthropist. He has gifted up to $1 billion of free GIS software to all American K-12 schools and was honored as a United Nations Champion of the Earth in 2013. The son of a maid and gardener, Dangermond continues to attend work alongside his wife every morning.

From:ย http://www.forbes.com/profile/jack-dangermond/

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