Esri has a 43% share in the geographic information system (GIS) market, compared to just an 11% share from the second-largest supplier. The business model relies in constantly improved industry-specific solutions.

Esri โ€“ with its partners โ€“ leads more than 10 industries: electric power transmission and distribution, engineering and business services, government, public health and safety, health care, natural resources, oil and gas refining, retail, telecommunications, transportation and logistics,, and water/wasterwater.

In electricity, transportation and distribution, its solutions combined with Schneider Eletric software amounts 29% of market share. To Bill Meehan, Esri utilities solutions manager, โ€œthese partner-solutions add additional capability to an already powerful platformโ€. Key partners include Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, Dell, HP, Citrix and Lenovo.

Its core GIS is used by more than two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies. The technology helps businesses save money and make stronger decisions by adding a location strategy to operations.

The reports are from ARC Advisory Group, the leading technology research and advisory firm for industry and infrastructure. The firm is not affiliate with Esri.


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