With GIS we understand what HAPPENED, what IS HAPPENING and what WILL HAPPEN in the geographic space. A picture is worth a thousand words, and this short ESRI animation, in spite of having no locution, reviews, in a very didactic way, what GIS stands for,ย its uses and, finally, how GIS can be used for business administration, my main interest and, probably, yours too.

In the 50โ€™s, appeared the first studies where is mentioned the term Geomarketing, which aimed to optimize the choice of stores location. In the 90โ€™s, the development and globalization of GIS technology enabled Geomarketing to emerge as a more and more common and important tool to companies marketing strategies. Result from a high speed and low cost to process and storage large volumes of data in computers and from the possibility of using digital satellite maps. Geomarketing can provide information to better understand a population, its economy, the competition and much more.

In a same map, itโ€™s possible to compare different population densities, to map the local existing competitors and to identify potential demands, for example, in a much easier way than using spreadsheets. Itโ€™s also possible to compare sales performance of different regions served and to map their individual performances to reallocate teams. The technology also made possible to locate real-time customers, take orders, deliver products and services and finally make sales. Thanks to GIS, the supply chain logistics can be optimized too โ€“ mapping strategic suppliers, and monitoring fleets or calculating the best pick-up and delivery routes to reduce costs, to save fuel and to pollute less.

Most of Fortune 500 is ESRI client, and the little guys that show up in the end of the animation might connote the growing demand for GIS professionals.

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