Geographical Information Systems Specialist, GISP, Gennady Mogilevich explains how GIS can aid a business owner in selecting the best possible location for their business. Henry explains how using GIS, he can help analyze multiple data layers and provide answers for developers interested in locating a site for their business. By utilizing readily available data from the local property appraiser’s office and planning/zoning department, a GIS business analyst can provide smart geographically based solutions for any potential business owner.

“In the private sector, GIS is also starting to become a mainstream. It’s being used by a lot of people. Google is a prime example of success story with GIS, although they don’t call it GIS, they don’t say GIS, you never hear, publicly, they saying nothing about GIS, but they ARE DOING GIS. Google Earth is EXACTLY what GIS is. It takes layers of data, takes layers of geographical information, overlays it on top of the other and gives you answers to your questions, wherever that question might be.

So, for example, site analysis, which is a prime example of how the private sector is utilizing GIS. Business analyst software – which is an extension of GIS – basically, takes data layers, most of them which are readily available to the public, like parcel layers, census data, which is going to give you income information about the type of people that live in the community. Your parcel layers, your land-use, your zoning, which is going to tell you where you can open up a business – a certain type of business – and somewhere you can’t. So, you take all of this information and you put it together inside a GIS system. Basically, what it does is: the GIS analyst will take all this information and give you choices for where to put up a business. His choices are not just random, based upon where it looks nice, it’s based on hard data! It’s based on properly information, census information, the local zoning and public land-use information. So, based on all that, a GIS business analyst can provide for your company the answers to “where I want to open up my new franchise?” or “where’s the best neighborhood to open up certain shop?” It all depends on the type of people that are living in that neighborhood, who you’re trying to attract, whatever income you’re trying to attract, all this information is out there in digital format and can be put into a GIS, and, with the right software and the right person doing the analysis, can get you the answers. Not only that, but, after the analysis is done, if you need assistance getting financing, you need to go to a bank and you need to come up with a business plan; GIS is perfect for making exhibits and charts out of this data and show it to a banker or an investor. It’s probably pretty highly impressive that you’ve analyzed this with a GIS system and you didn’t just “pick it out because was for sale for a good price”.

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