GIS For Dummies – Michael N. DeMers

Michael DeMers is an Associate Professor of Geography at New Mexico State University and has been teaching GIS-related courses since 1983. The author of Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems (4th Edition), translated into both Russian and Chinese, and GIS Modeling in Raster, currently being translated into Arabic.

The author thinks GIS is some of the most exciting software to come along in ages, and he wants to get the reader as excited about the possibilities GIS offers as he is. The book gives you a big picture look at GIS โ€“ everything from the parts that make up the systems to the spatial information products that the systems produce.

GIS For Dummies contains six parts. They move from general background in geography and mapping to the use of computers for maps, GIS data retrieval, pattern identification and analysis, a look at GIS output, and some helpful info about GIS vendors and data sources. The book also uses little icons to help direct the reading and save time.

The book introduces GIS as a diverse and powerful tool. In fact, GIS is among the most complex software ever written. Itโ€™s so complex because it deals with techniques that geographers and related professionals have been devising to analyze maps and map-related data for over 2,500 years. Because of the advances in computer speed and efficiency, new techniques are being added all the time. If youโ€™re new to GIS, Gis For Dummies is a must-have book!

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