GIS for Business and Service Planning – Paul Longley & Graham Clarke

Renowned contributors assess the links between technological change, analytical information and data customization which are now beginning to stimulate the wider adoption of GIS as a management and applied research tool. The first section deals with population data sources, followed by geodemographics and how it is used in customer targeting and product marketing. The next part considers how businesses can adopt GIS and the final segment contains two excellent overviews on how geography is being applied in business. A wealth of illustrations, containing new material from actual commercial and planning applications, enables readers to distinguish between abstract GIS principles and authentic usages.

While the brief catalogue of applications is hardly exhaustive, the reader may notice that a wide variety of functions are enhanced using geographical technology, regardless of industry. Marketing, micro-marketing, site selection, cannibalization and competitive analysis, performance prediction, trade area analysis and network management all have strong geographical components that are improved buy using business geographics.

If you’re new to GIS and want to understand both the evolution and specially the beginning of geodemographics and its utility to business, “GIS for Business and Service Planning” is definitely a must-have bibliography! 

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GIS for business


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