GIS FOR TELECOMMUNICATIONS – GIS for Business and Service Planning

Telecommunications is currently one of the most dynamic industries in the United States and worldwide. Competition for the cellular telephone services market is strong in the US, and the company that can provide the best service has a significant advantage (Roan 1993). Current technology primarily relies on equipment within a “cell site” to control the communications interface between other cell sites and the traditional telephone system. Because the location of each very expensive cell site determines coverage, which in turn determines the level of service offered, optimal location of the cells is critical (Sherwood-Bryan 1993c).

The industry is turning to geographical technology to find optimal cell sites. Geographical considerations include ensuring even and adequate spacing, providing service along well-travelled corridors, and analysing the cell site’s “view” based on a location’s view shed. In addition, once a new geographical area has cellular service available, the telecommunications industry can use geographical technology to target-market the new product to the cellular telephone users within that area.

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