Dal Housie GIS Centre Tour with Professor James Boxall

I had the honor to be hosted by Mr. James Boxall in a tour of the GIS Centre, at the Killiam Library of DalHousie University, one of the most traditional universities in Halifax, NovaScotia, and also in Canada itself. Founded in 1818, it’s internationally known as one of North America’s most welcoming universities and offers programs with pionerring research on the East Coast.

Mr. Boxall is a FRCGS FRGS geographer and is master in Education and in Spatial Information Management. The Dal Housie professor is ahead of the GIS Centre.

We chatted about how GIS can be used for business, specially for site selection, and even how maps can really lie! We also had the opportunity to talk about the importance of public data availability to businesses, citizens and governments.

Dal offers programs in Geographic Information Science, and Professor James, with the hospitality for which the university is recognized for, showed me the facilities where students can get access to geospatial data analysis, cartographic consulting, project planning and development and software training.

Thank you very much, Mr. Boxall! 🌎

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