How to Make Halifax Buses Twice as Fast

โ€‹Halifax, NS, was ranked 20th in Transit this year in Canada by Moneysense magazine. These guys from PLANifax think that there are a number of reasons but, itโ€™s because transit is slow.

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GIS For Dummies – Working with networks

Networks are collections of connected linear objects such as roads, railroads, or rivers that branch from place to place. They come in different sizes, numbers of branchings, and angular configurations.

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What if it was easier to predict how a city could have clean air, broader economy, increase safety and reduce traffic? The transportation engineer Josie Kressner assessed the viability of using targeted marketing data for demographic data in travel demand modeling in her dissertation, employing alternative methods for updating the transportation planning process. Continue reading TRANSPORTATION PLANNING IDEA


Move, track, deliver, plan, manage and deploy. Today, getting products and people from point A to point B takes more than planning a route and watching traffic reports. We want it fast, reliable and cost effective. We want smart transportation. Continue reading GIS FOR SMART TRANSPORTATION


Dan Scollon, at TED Talks, shows the first image photographed from Earth in 1972, which changed the human understanding of the Earth. 40 years after that image, we collected lots of information about the Earth and were developed many mapping technologies. Dan explains how maps have changed the way of understanding the world. Images of the United States and China at night can, for example, tell the energy consumption, estimate the population and reveal the distribution of this population. Such evolution made possible to evolve from primary cartography to route instructions on a 3D map to a place geocodificated on a tweet! Social networks are not just for posting happy family photos. They serve, for example, to promote revolutions as the Arab Spring. Mobile data also serve as demographic data for traffic information for example, and this Information can be converted into graphs, maps and even animations to reveal travel patterns. Continue reading DAN SCOLLON AT TED X REDDING: GIS